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El tiempo de dios es perfecto in english

febrero 24, 2023
El tiempo de dios es perfecto in english

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suena mejor decir “timing”, porque se usa cuando algo sucede o se usa en espaciar eventos en el tiempo. “time” simplemente se mide por horas y minutos. “timing” es un punto o periodo de tiempo concreto en el que ocurre algoNormalmente, se usaría “timing” en lugar de “time” porque se usa positivamente después de que haya ocurrido algo bueno.Espero que tenga un poco de sentido. Es un tema difícil de explicar.

El símbolo de Nivel de Idioma muestra la competencia de un usuario en los idiomas que le interesan. Establecer tu Nivel de Idioma ayuda a otros usuarios a ofrecerte respuestas que no sean ni demasiado complejas ni demasiado sencillas.

Arcade – Duncan Laurence, Fletcher | English / Spanish Lyrics

When Moses considered the fragile nature of humanity and God’s righteous judgment, he had him ask God for wisdom to understand the brevity of life. This is a reality check that reminds us of the fragility and brevity of life, as well as the holiness of God and our need for Him.

We should not only consider how short our life is in comparison to eternity, but also how much of our time has already passed and reflect on what we have done with the time God has given us, as well as the talents, gifts and opportunities we have been granted.

With such thoughts firmly fixed in our minds, we must not allow ourselves to lose a moment and begin to focus on what is really important. We need to be prepared and keep our lamps burning. What if Christ returns and we are not ready? What if death comes before we are ready?

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Such considerations are meant to lead us to quick repentance and motivate a deep longing for mercy because, “you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming when you least expect him” (Luke 12:40). So are you ready?

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KJV King James Version NKJV New King James Version NLT New Living Translation NIV New International Version ESV English Standard Version CSB Christian Standard Bible NASB20 New American Standard Bible 2020 NASB95 New American Standard Bible 1995 LSB Legacy Standard Bible NET New English Translation RSV Revised Standard Version ASV American Standard Version YLT Young’s Literal Translation DBY Darby Translation WEB Webster’s Bible HNV Hebrew Names Version

a. These things I write to you that you may not sin: 1 John 1:8 makes it clear that sin is a fact (at least an occasional fact) in the Christian’s life. 1 John 1:9 makes it clear that there will always be forgiveness for a confessed sin. However, John also intends to make it clear that the Christian should be concerned about sin. One reason he wrote this letter was so that you would not sin.

i. Earlier John rejects the idea that we can become perfect and sinless (1 John 1:8.) At the same time, he wants to make it clear that we do not have to sin. God does not cause the believer to sin.

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Brother Andrés, who smuggled Bibles into communist countries, passed away The founder of Puertas Abiertas said he was not a “double jeopardy evangelical”, but a faithful Christian who followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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He did not get shot in the head, but he did get shot in the ankle and, during his convalescence, he began reading a Bible his mother had given him. When he returned to the Netherlands, he started going to church assiduously and, in early 1950, he gave his life to God.

“I promised God that whenever I could take a Bible in my hands, I would take it to these children of His behind the wall that men built,” Van der Bijl later recalled, “to every…country where God opened the door long enough for me to slip in.”

In 1957, he made his first smuggling trip across the border of a communist country, entering Yugoslavia with tracts, Bibles and portions of the Bible hidden in his blue Volkswagen. As he watched guards search the cars in front of him, he prayed what he would later call “God’s smuggler’s prayer.”

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